Responsible gambling is as important as the act of gambling itself. Currently almost all online casinos take precautionary measures to prevent their players from developing gambling problems. But many times it is not enough for the casino to establish certain rules, you also have to be aware of when to stop and when to continue.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling addictions are relatively common, but it takes just a few steps to get it under control, and just focus on playing and having fun. Because like everything in life, when you start to have a hard time doing an activity, something does not work as it should.

Casino measurements

The measures taken by casinos are varied, always to try to ensure that users play responsibly with their money and with their mental health. Some of them are the following:

Loss limit

This is very useful to stop playing when you have already lost too much on a bad day. Obviously we always want to recover what was lost, but sometimes you have to stop and try another day.

With this tool you can set a limit for a time, and you will not be able to go beyond there. There are also limits set by the casinos themselves.

Deposit limit

Same as above, both the casino and yourself can sometimes set a deposit limit. In this way, even if you want to play more, if you have already reached the top, you will have to wait a bit to continue playing.

Game time control

Many casinos implement a control or indicator of the time you have been playing. This way you can see the game hours and decide how many hours you want to play; or when you have to stop because you take too long.


It is a very interesting tool and it works very well. It consists of telling the casino that you want to take a long break. In this way you will be expelled from the casino for a certain time that the casino and you can establish.

After these holidays and with everything under control, you will be able to play again without problem and with your head.

Measures you can take
Of course, although we have seen some, they are usually measures that are recommended or implemented by casinos. But for yourself it is also important that you establish a series of basic rules.

  1. Limits – Limits should always be established, both for gambling and for gains or losses. You have to know how to stop to be able to continue playing later.
  2. Play and other activities – You need more besides playing, alternate playing with doing other things. Work, go out with friends, family … As long as the game is not the central axis of your life, it will be fine.
  3. That is not your only source of income – It is a common problem, believing that with the game you will be able to live peacefully. But this is not the case, you can always play for fun and win some extra money. But don’t just depend on it, or that’s where problems will arise.
  4. Psychological problems – If you have problems in your life, have been drinking or using drugs, or are not feeling well emotionally, it is better to leave the game for another time. As we say, the game is for fun, so never use it as an escape method. You have to have a clear head to win.
  5. Help – If you consider that you need help or simply want to find out more about the possible problems generated by the game, you can always contact one of these associations that are there to guide you along this path.

You can also talk to them if you think someone you know has a problem, to see how they can act to offer their help.