First of all, welcome! We know you love playing free online slots, that’s why you’re here! The good news is that we love slots too. Browse through our selection of the best slots, pick a game and have fun. Without downloading or registering.

Mobile Slots

Slots are the stars of today’s Mobile casinos and it’s easy to see why. They are machines that have a very simple way of working; which are very attractive due to their themes, colors and effects; very fun and dynamic, and with which any casino user can have a good time. We are sure that you also love them, which is why you have come this far!

Where to play slots on Mobile Phone

We have selected the best Mobile online casinos where you can play slots:

Vavada Casino

Vavada Casino
BonusUp To $1000

Playamo Casino

Playamo Casino
License Curacao
Bonus Up To $250
Rating 9/10

Woo Casino

BonusUp To $150

22Bet Casino

22Bet Casino
BonusUp To $150

Bizzo Casino

Bizzo Casino
BonusUp To $200
Coolie Casino
BonusUp To $200

Playfortuna Casino

Playfortuna Casino
BonusUp To $1000

Booi Casino

Booi Casino
BonusUp To $1000

Riobet Casino

Riobet Casino
BonusUp To $1000

Well, we have good news in such a case. Did you know that it is possible to play slots for free? Ok, let’s not throw the bells on the fly, because you can imagine that, if you play for free, you won’t be able to win much money either; But we tell you that, even if you are an experienced user, free slots may interest you, and a lot!

Mobile slots advantages

One of the main advantages of free slots is that they do not require registration by the player. Okay, registration is free and usually takes little time, but who wants to have a thousand accounts open in a thousand different establishments that they do not intend to enter again? It’s a bummer! With these free casino games, you can try casinos and slots without having to commit to them and without having to remember online casino credentials that don’t really interest you.

Another positive aspect of free slots is that they allow you to try as many new slots as you want, all of which are released! So many interesting slots are released every month that it is difficult to try them all without our portfolio shaking. The free play mode allows players to try out without compromise and without wagering real money. By the way, if you are one of those who are dying to try all the new releases, we inform you that at we have a section in which we are adding the slot machines that are released every day.

We have reviewed hundreds of slot games. We have also written pages on all the slot related topics you can think of.

In case you are a inexperienced user, these types of games will allow you to learn to play. It is true that slots unlike mobile roulette do not require great skill on the part of the player, nor do they require a lot of strategy. But the new slots include more and more functions and minigames that can become truly chaotic if you have not familiarized yourself with them before. And what better way than to get practice without risking your money?

What types of Mobile Slots are there?

There are as many types of slots and combinations between them as you can imagine. The categories of the machines can be due to various factors, and here we are going to explain the types of slots that exist based on a few categories.

The number of Reels

The reels are the “patterned” ribbons that rotate to match these symbols. Formerly they were metal bands that revolved inside the machine, but now they are nothing more than animations that serve to give a little more excitement to the online game.

The more traditional slot machines have around three reels – never more than five – while the more modern online slots can have up to a dozen. Crazy, right?

The most common reel numbers are three, five, six, and seven. You can get more information about the number of reels here.

Game Form

This category obeys the more technical characteristics of the machine, and allows us to distinguish several subtypes of slots:


Paylines – symbol combinations that win a player prize – are another feature that has evolved over time. The more classic slot machines used to have no more than three or five paylines, while the new releases can reach 117 thousands.

However, the most common in these times is that the slots have a few dozen pay lines. You should settle for that, because it really does give you a lot of options. aims for you to be able to play any slot machine available online and we collect new slots every time.

Detailed Guide to Online Mobile Slots

Slot machines are the ideal online game: fast and easy to learn, as well as great fun. Even if it’s your first time playing a slot machine, just read the detailed guide below and you’ll be playing like a pro in zero coma.

1Choose the online slot you prefer and open it on your device. You will see the reels of the slot machine appear, as well as a few buttons, notably the “Spin” and “Maximum Bet” buttons. You will also be able to see your backgrounds in the corner of the screen.
2Take a look at the slot machine pay table. Here you can see how much each symbol is worth and which ones you are most interested in appearing.
3Choose how much you want to bet and how many paylines you want to play on. Use the “Bet Max” button if you want to play on all lines at once.
4Hit “spin” to start the rollers moving. If you have won, the game will display your winnings on the screen, as well as the chance to play them in a bonus round. If you choose to do so, you can win even bigger prizes.
5You can keep spinning the reels for as long as you want, but don’t forget to properly manage your funds.

Understand your Slot

Online slots are becoming more and more complex, as developers seek to create new games that are more and more exciting and engaging. One of the biggest changes to modern online slots is the addition of new symbols, such as wilds and scatters.

Although they may not sound too good to start with, wilds and scatter symbols can really benefit your game, as long as you know how to use them! So, let’s see what these symbols mean.

What are Wild Symbols?

The term wild is used in many online gambling games, so chances are you’ve heard of it before. Often times it refers to a card that can replace any other card in a deck, to help the player win that game. In slots, the meaning is basically the same, but on the reel rather than in a deck of cards.

MObile Slots Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are used in slot machines so that the player can create a winning line, substituting for whatever symbol he needs. Seen like this, it’s easy to see why adding wilds to a game is tremendously beneficial to players.

In slots, wilds can be static or dynamic. They can also be used for other things. For example, in some of the more complex video slots, a wild can trigger other actions, such as bonus rounds or additional symbols. Any of these options can earn you more real money.

What are Scatter Symbols?

Mobile slots have also started to include another type of symbol; a very different one from the fruits that appeared in the old one-arm slots.

Mobile Slots Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are unique in that they don’t have to appear on the winning line to help you win. In fact, it doesn’t matter where they appear on screen: the moment you see it, you can win!

Scatter symbols don’t just win you coins. These symbols usually mark the beginning of an interactive bonus round, where you can unlock free spins or prize money.

Or even a progressive jackpot! In order to get paid, you usually need a certain number of scatter symbols to appear at the same time.

What are multipliers?

A popular feature with online slot players, multipliers allow you to quickly double or triple your winnings. Sometimes you can even multiply them by ten!

MObile slots multipliers

These symbols, like scatter symbols or wilds, appear randomly on the reel, making the game more exciting, even if your stake is small.

They are usually found in free spins bonus rounds, but may occasionally appear during normal game play. Sometimes scatter symbols and wilds can act as multipliers at the same time, increasing your winnings even more.

Additionally, multipliers can increase your profit not just on one payline, but on your total bet, allowing you to win even more real money.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are additional rounds of the game that you can unlock and that are present in most slot games. With them you have an extra opportunity to increase your winnings and, of course, to give excitement to the game!

Bonus rounds can appear in different ways: free spins, mini-games, risk options, etc. They are usually shown by the appearance of bonus symbols and, as usual, completely by chance, unless they have been released by completing certain specific objectives of that online slot. At we have tested, reviewed and compiled a list of the online slots with the best bonus rounds.

Compatibility with mobile devices and technology

Today’s casino users want to be able to play slots from their mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets. Today’s world spins very fast and the waits, however, are quite long. Many slot players like to gamble from public transport, in waiting rooms or even in line at the supermarket. Aware of this phenomenon, developers and online casinos have had to adapt their platforms to offer their customers what they asked for.

Apps with Mobile Slots

In the beginning, the solution was casino apps. They still exist and some work quite well, but space is a precious asset in these types of devices and the fewer unnecessary applications we have, the better. By having to offer very high-quality animations and videos, especially in the case of 3D slots, this type of program took up a lot of space in the phone’s memory and some players were reluctant to play from mobile for this reason.

The casinos, which are still companies that seek their economic profit, did not think twice when they saw that they lost potential customers and changed their methods.

The current trend is for games to be compatible with the browser of mobile devices (iPhone or Android). Users simply open it – as long as it is up to date – and access the casino website. Most of the major casino titles are perfectly optimized to work on small screens. In fact, many developers are creating specialty slots and other exclusive games for mobile devices.

We also tell you that some casinos offer special bonuses and promotions for those users who access their games from their portable devices. Do not miss them, find out and – please – always read the terms and conditions so you do not have to regret misunderstandings.

Play slots for real money

Yes, of course playing for real money is a good idea… when you’re ready! When you’ve figured out which slots you like and have found a casino that suits your tastes and needs, you can start betting real money. Actually you can do it much earlier, from minute one, but we do not advise it.

There are slot establishments that are better than others, this is a fact, and that is why there are so many websites on the Internet that offer reviews, criticisms and ratings of both the casinos, the games themselves or their developers. Nobody wants to end up in a casino that offers poor conditions, little payment flexibility and a poor slot library, right?

Are you ready to play?

Now that you know the advice of our experts, it is time to check if you have learned something. Take a look at the online slots we recommend to start playing. And remember: There is no foolproof slot strategy, but there are ways to improve your options. It’s just about knowing what you’re playing at. If you want to know more, check out our guide on how to win at slots and our top 10 tips page.


What are free slots?

Free slots are what their name suggests: slots that you can enjoy without betting money. As you read it, you will not have to deposit a penny. There are several options to enjoy them.

Where can I play Mobile slots for free?

There are online casinos that offer you the possibility to test their games without making a deposit of money and without opening a user account. However, you have other options.

How do you play online slots?

Online slots are the simplest game out there and you won’t need any skills or prior learning to enjoy them. The only thing we recommend is that you check the pay table before you start betting real money, to know what to expect.

Are slots really random?

Of course, you don’t have to worry. The machines that you can find in legal casinos are controlled by independent organizations that are dedicated to checking if the random number generators (RNG according to its acronym in English) are really random. It is totally impossible to predict or alter the results of each roll, so that all players have exactly the same chances of winning.

Can I play no download slots?

Of course, today most websites and online casinos that offer slot machines in their catalogs do not require downloads to be able to enjoy them. You will only need an updated browser to be able to enjoy the most modern slots in the industry. There are casinos that have mobile applications, but it is increasingly rare that these types of establishments do not also offer the option of gambling without downloads.