Cryptogames Casino is a fresh breath of air in the world of Crypto gambling.

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Games Library9 of 10
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Overall Rating9 of 10

CryptoGames casino caters to a massive number of digital gamblers under the license of the Curacao Government. It is owned by MuchGaming B.V and is located in the city of Curacao. CryptoGames offers gambling experiences through transparent gambling policies and 10 popular cryptocurrencies. There are 9 casino games offered for the cryptocurrencies and Play Money.

Cryptogames Casino

CryptoGames Casino Review

CryptoGames also ensures smooth crypto gambling through an uncomplicated user interface. The user interface can be accessed with any smart device from all across the world. This enables the gamblers to get access to the casino from their laptops, mobile phones, or even desktops. For entertainment, CryptoGames offers a list of modern games that are all accompanied by detailed guidelines.

Main Info

Company Name:MuchGaming B.V. situated at Fransche Bloemweg 4, Willemstad, Curaçao.
Licence:License No. 8048/JAZ issued to Antillephone, Authorized and Regulated by the Government of Curacao
Cryptocurrencies (deposit and withdraw):BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOGE, USDT, SOL, ETC, BCH, XMR, GAS, DASH
Languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Norvegian and Chinese
Min. Deposit:0.01 LTC, 1 DOGE, min 0.01 ETH, min 0.001 XRP, min 0.0001 BTC
Min. Withdrawal:0.0005 Bitcoin or altcoin equivalent
Game Verticals:Slot Machines, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Video poker, Lottery
Live Games:No
Restricted Countries:Countries where Gambling is deemed illegal
Live Chat:YES, 24/7

Free and Easy Sign-up at CryptoGames Casino

One of the first and highlighted services CryptoGames provides is its easy and free sign-up process. New players in the casino can create their accounts for free. The casino has eliminated lengthy processing by creating a system that requires only a user name and agreeing to the policies to create an account. This can be done within a few minutes. The easy sign-up process grants all players the option to play at the casino without instantly making deposits.

Cryptogames Casino Registration

This means, that by opening up an account, players can explore the casino without having to spend any money or providing any of their personal information. In case a player wants to start gambling with their actual crypto funds right away, they can complete the full registration by providing an email address and creating transaction addresses.  New accounts can be opened by going to the Play Now tab. Clicking on the tab will lead the players to the home page of the Dice game. Players will have the option to either play with actual cryptocurrencies or Play Money. Selecting any one will show the registration pop-up. For better understanding, here’s how the initial sign up process gets completed with these 2 steps:

  1. First, pick a unique user name for the account.
  2. Reading and agreeing to all the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Anti Money Laundering Policy offered at the casino.

Keeping the Play Money currency available for all the new users is an initiative taken by CryptoGames to open up the casino for everyone. This way players can check out the theme of the casino without holding any fear of losing their funds. 

Available Methods for Transactions

At CryptoGames if a player wants to start using any of the 10 cryptocurrencies given for the games then they can rely on 2 different transaction methods. The casino supports regular and upgraded versions of transaction systems for deposits and exchanges. For the withdrawals, CryptoGames offer a regular method where the players need to create withdrawal addresses and then proceed with the withdrawals. 

Cryptogames Casino Payment methods

CryptoGames  transaction systems support: 

Transactions timeframes

For all the transactions, the offered systems require the least possible time.  This means, that within a short period, players can complete deposits, withdrawals, and even exchanges. For better understanding, here is how much time the casino requires to process the transactions:

Other coins have a similar transaction time to Dogecoin

Point to note that transaction speed will also depend on the coin network status which may sometimes increase confirmation time.

The casino offers more detailed guidelines on completing Deposits and Withdrawals on their BLOG.  

Deposits through Credit Card

Onramper is one of the upgraded methods of deposits at CryptoGames. This addition to the casino makes the deposit system open and flexible for players who prefer using their Credit Cards at gaming websites. Fiat currency and credit card users can make deposits using the fast system offered by Onramper. This option of depositing funds through a Credit Card is, for now, available for the BTC and ETH players. This upgraded method is offered through a third-party aggregator for better convenience for the players. 

Multiple Crypto Exchanges

ChangeNow is another one of the upgraded transaction methods CryptoGames is offering for all its players. Through this system, different cryptocurrency users around the world get to exchange over 40 different cryptocurrencies for any of the coins offered at CryptoGames. This enables the players to experience gambling at the casino without worrying to use the exact ten cryptocurrencies available at the casino. They can easily convert their cryptocurrencies to any one of the crypto coins from their very own wallet and cryptocurrencies. 

Regular Deposits, Withdrawals, and Exchanges

Fully registered players will be able to use the regular transaction system without having to go through the advanced methods. Upon completing the full registration, they may click on the “My Account” tab to create Deposit, and Withdrawal addresses as well as find the exchanges page. Players have to keep in mind that the exchange service allows the players to only convert from and to any of the offered cryptocurrencies. This means they have to be using the ten cryptocurrencies offered at CryptoGames. Once the player sets the deposit, and withdrawal addresses they can start their transactions right away following the rules set by the casino. There will be suggestions for the e-wallets under the FAQ page of the website. Players who have no idea for which crypto wallets to use for the transactions may look them up in the recommended list. 

All 9 Games and House Edges

As mentioned above, CryptoGames offers 9 games in total for crypto gamblers. Out of the 9, 8 games are available to play or test with Play Money currency. The game that is unavailable for Play Money is Lottery. It is also not available for all 10 cryptocurrencies on board as Lottery only supports 4 cryptocurrencies. All the games have been designed to be lightweight and easily supported by any device.

Cryptogames Casino all games

With each game, there are instructions on “How to Play” the games. Hence they can be played by anyone despite having no prior knowledge about the games. There are additional features and rewarding extensions like Jackpots for some of the games. At the casino players get to play: 

  1. Dice, 
  2. Slot, 
  3. Roulette,
  4.  Blackjack, 
  5. Plinko, 
  6. Minesweeper, 
  7. Video Poker, 
  8. DiceV2 
  9. and Lottery. 
  10. Offered house edges: 
  11. Dice offer- 1.0 % 
  12. DiceV2 offer- 1.0%
  13. Roulette offer- 2.7% 
  14. Blackjack offer- 1.25%
  15. Minesweeper offer- 1.0%
  16. Video Poker offer- 2.09% 
  17. Plinko offer- 1.72%
  18. Slot offer- 1.97%
  19. Lottery offer- 0.0%


Cryptogames Dice

Dice comes with a winning fidelity of 0.000 to 99.999. The game is played by making right guesses about the results. This means, that before each roll, players must predict if the result will return a number within the range they choose or not. This prediction is made by choosing one of the two displayed ranges. The result can be over or under the range.

The bet amount and payout multiplier must be set by the player before they hit roll. Dice offers an Auto Bet feature along with a rewarding extension, Progressive Jackpot. The casino also offers another version of this game that is known to the crowd as DiceV2. 


Cryptogames Slot

At CryptoGames Slot offers 49.73% winning chances for the players. It is played by spinning the reels of a crypto version of a Slot machine. The slot machine is made with 5 reels where there are 5 different symbols for them. When the reels are spinning the symbols are turned to make a combination. 7 combinations are made with the five symbols.

Each one of the combinations pays out the players according to the value it corresponds to. The combinations are not expected to be in a specific arrangement. Hence as long as the symbols all line up in the middle and falls under one of the winning combinations, they will be considered a win.


Cryptogames casino blackjack

Blackjack is one of the two card games currently offered at CryptoGames. The game is played to form the best possible hand without going over the limit of 21 points. The winning hand can also be formed by scoring 21 points from drawing the first two cards. Since this is rare, players must try to beat the dealer by keeping their score less than 21.

Before the players begin drawing the cards, the bet amount and size must be set up for the round. The casino provides guidelines on the values of each card along with how the 4 options work for forming the hand. If at any point the player crosses 21 points, they will lose their entire bet amount.  


Cryptogames casino roulette

At the casino of CryptoGames, the players get to enjoy the European variant of Roulette.  However, the game compensates the winners according to the payout table that matches the American variant. The game is played on a spinning wheel where there is one 0 and 37 numbers. Hence the house edge of the game matches the European variant.

For Roulette, the casino offers a special feature called “Neighbour Bets” where there are 4 automatic options for the players to choose from. The bet amount and neighbor bets must be placed before the wheel starts spinning. It also has detailed guidelines that can help the players to learn about the payout table and the structure of the game. For rewarding extension, Roulette offers Progressive Jackpot for all the players.

Video Poker

Cryptogames Casino Vido Poker

The second card game that players find on the website is Video Poker. It comes with 3 different variants and 3 different house edges. The game has to be played to win against the house by forming the best possible hand at any cost. The hand must contain 5 cards. The player will be dealt with many cards which can be either kept or discarded to form the best hand.

Video Poker’s three variants are Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. Before pressing deal, players must select the amount they would like to place for each round and select the variant they want to play. Detailed guidelines on each card value and the game will be provided for all. 


Cryptogames Casino Plinko

Plinko at CryptoGames Casino is a crypto rendition of the famous game that got featured in the 1980s. It has to be played with one of the four colors of balls. From the topmost section of a digital pyramid, players throw a colored ball and wait for it to reach a profitable slot. Each color reaches its dedicated row. The four colors have their dedicated payout multipliers and their house edges as well. If the ball reaches a winning slot then the player will be able to claim a payout that the color corresponds to. Detailed information regarding the house edges or payout multipliers and how to play the game is given on the game’s page. 


Cryptogames casino Minesweeper

CryptoGames’ Minesweeper has been inspired by the computer puzzle game, Minesweeper. At the casino, Minesweeper players get to play the game with the aim to successfully click on as many boxes possible without setting off the mines. Being able to successfully click on the boxes or clear the mines, guarantee instant rewards.

This means, that as soon as the players reach their desired sum without setting off a mine, they will be able to Cash Out their rewards and stop the game. The difficulty level of the minefield must be selected before the players start the game.


Cryptogames Casino DiceV2

As mentioned above, CryptoGames Casino offers a completely remodeled version of Dice through DiceV2. The game has a completely different outlook than Dice. However, it is played with a similar objective as the original version. Meaning, that DiceV2 players also make predictions about their results before they hit Roll. But in this case, they aim to land their dice on the slider.

If a player successfully makes the right prediction, then they will be able to land on the green zone of the slider, otherwise, the dice falls outside the zone. The payout multiplier along with the bet amount has to be set before the player hits roll. In this game, players will be able to enjoy the Auto Bet feature along with the Progressive Jackpot. 


Cryptogames Casino Lottery

Lottery is the only game at CryptoGames that must be played with an actual cryptocurrency. For the players, the game offers 4 specified cryptocurrencies which are: Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. Using any one of the 4 cryptocurrencies players can buy their tickets from the game’s page or use the special chatbox commands.

The tickets are available in the  “Purchase Tickets” tab. Every player is allowed to buy up to 10000 lottery tickets per round whereas the available number of tickets is 50000. Since the game has no house edge, players get to look forward to earning the entire winning sum twice every week. This also means that for all the cryptocurrencies available for the game, CryptoGames has decided on two different days for the draws.

Progressive Jackpot Rules for Roulette: 

Progressive Jackpot Rules for  Dice and DiceV2:  

Features for the Games

At CryptoGames casino, efficient features like the Auto Bet, the Smart Hold, and Neighbour Bets, are always available alongside their dedicated games to make the gaming experience easier. The features have been assigned to the games according to the designs and necessities of the players.

For example, Smart Hold is a special feature dedicated only to the game of Video Poker whereas Neighbour Bets is available only for Roulette, On the other hand, Auto Bet is a feature that is dedicated to all the games that can run bets automatically for multiple rounds. Dice, DiceV2, and Slot are some of the games that can run multiple bets under various conditions automatically. 

Security Measures

CryptoGames has enabled the use of SSL encryption and Google 2FA features to offer complete user privacy and protection of user funds. The system does not allow anyone else than the players to withdraw any kind of funds. Even if the two-factor authentication is deactivated by the player, the email verification is still enabled for all kinds of withdrawals. The account must pass the email verification to withdraw the reward amount from the user fund.  

Fair Policies

CryptoGames relies on Provably Fair gambling policies to offer its players a fair experience at the casino. The Provably Fair gambling policy is a modern cryptographic technique that the casino uses to process all the bets fairly. The policy also returns impartial results for every bet placed by the player. It also offers efficient ways to trace and validate each bet placed by the player.

This means, that after each bet, players will be compensated immediately and their bet results can also be validated using hash and seeds. On the casino players can find the instruction for effectively using hash and seeds. The fair gambling policy of CryptoGames also uses the third party generator, Random Picker for all rounds of Lottery Draws. 

Rewards Through Features and Events

The Referral Links, Faucet and Rainbot features reward the players for their contribution to the casino. For each engagement on the Chatbox, players get to increase their player level. Increased player levels allow the players to win more requests from the Faucet feature (for Play Money), and small amounts of cryptocurrencies from Rainbot.

On the other hand, the referral links that the players get upon registering on the casino guarantees lifelong rewards from the referred players. This means, for all the bets a referred player places, the referrer wins 15% off the house edge regardless of the outcome of the bet. Besides these, CryptoGames monthly betting events reward the players with VIP tags and month-long facilities like:

Safe Crypto Gambling at All Times

To add more to its security measures, CryptoGames has enabled responsible gambling policies that ensure a safe gambling environment for everyone. It offers helplines for those who are struggling with any sort of unwanted addiction to gambling.

The website also has kept many policies available at all times for the players to go through and apply to their accounts. The “Time Out” policy, and “Self Exclusion” policy are the two highlighted policies that prevent any player on board from forming an addiction or from overindulging at the casino.

CryptoGames Casino Summary

CryptoGames Casino welcomes all crypto users regardless of experience level through 9 classic games. The casino offers an efficient list of 10 cryptocurrencies for fund transactions that are protected with a complete security system. Its list of modern games comes with absolutely modern features and many rewarding extensions.

Alongside the instructions the games come with, CryptoGames BLOG and FORUM offer more space for the players to explore the strategies or to learn about the games in depth. The casino’s service is open for all through the free exploring options and backed up by various security, fair and responsible gaming policies to ensure a safe space for crypto gambling. 

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